Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Përshëndetje nga Kosova

Greetings from Kosovo!

Kosovo is a majority Albanian, majority Muslim country (although it is said that the true religion of Albanians is being Albanian). The country was Christian prior to the arrival of the Ottomans, when the majority converted to Islam.

That said, there are still a fair number of active and ancient churches here. They tend to be Catholic or Orthodox, the former Albanian and the latter Serbian.

I am a U.S. Foreign Service Officer, posted to Kosovo for two years as the Public Affairs Officer. I only arrived in country less than a week ago, but during my last tour, in Tallinn, Estonia, I photographed many of the older churches there and published those pictures in a blog called Finding Estonian Churches. My goal is to do the same thing during my two years here, though no doubt I will be photographing and including here some of the beautiful mosques of this country as well.

And as I said in my first post in Finding Estonian Churches, I hope you enjoy this blog as much as I enjoy the journey.

Just below Prizren Fortress is Our Lady of Ljeviš,
a 14th-century 
Serbian Orthodox Church in Prizren